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Band History

Walsh was set in motion by all the member's love for music at a young age. For Andrew, Brian and Russ it was Nirvana. For Neil it was school band. Andrew and Brian have known eachother since kindergarten and started playing together at the ages of 12. Andrew met Neil in third grade and they've been friends since. Brian met Neil in 6th grade but didn't really get to be friends with him until 8th grade when the band Stiff Matter formed with Will Kelly as the singer.

You could call Stiff Matter a punk band but that was mainly because none of us were that fluent with our instruments. We had some terrible songs but there was promise with a certain song named Panic on Funk-o-tron, a 20-minute-plus jam. Stiff Matter disbanded after we realized we sucked so Will and Neil went their seperate ways from the band.

Andrew and Brian soon started up the band Lawn Boy with bassist/singer Tim Zubock. We were scheduled to play at a new years party but Tim couldn't make it. Andrew and Brian knew the show must go on so they quickly found a bassist to replace him. Matt Drepperd learned the songs about an hour before the party started and they preformed a 50-minute set consisting of a few songs and a 25-minute Panic on Funk-o-tron. The party was basically a bust with very few people, only about 16 including both bands.

A new band was then formed with Matt Drepperd called Mannequin Republic. This band lasted only a month because of lack of direction and no singer or bassist. But Andrew and Brian soon had a good gig coming, or what looked like one

A guy named Tom Martin (guitar/vocals) and his bud Nic Mather (bass) needed a drummer and also wanted to try a 2nd guitarist out. Andrew had guitar class with Tom in school. They then went over Nic's house where Tom and he practiced. One try-out and they were in the band. They then had 2 more practices consisting of only 3 cover songs. This band just faded quick and it was back to the drawing board.

Andrew and Brian then asked Neil if he wanted to do another band and he said sure, so Walsh was then born. They then recruited former guitarist Matt Drepperd. But then after Matt missed practice too many times, he was kicked out, and the search for a new guitarist was on.

The Walsh boys then had the idea, to try 3 guitarists. Corey Zook and Russ Wilkin were brought over to try out. The try out didn't work out and the idea was disgarded. The Walsh boys wanted Russ, but he wouldn't leave his bud Corey, so it took a summer to convince him. The search was then on for a singer.

The search for a singer ended when Zach Tomlin entered the picture. We always thought it'd be sort of intimidating stepping into the mix, being that the 4 of us are close. But when Zach came over, he was that missing part of the circle thats now filled in. We plan to go and do great things now that we have a full band. Peace, and keep rockin'.