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December 8th, 2001 Hey, hey. Recording is going to occur Sunday the 9th. We're planning on a six song EP to have on sale for 3 bucks. The reason for the 3 dollars is to have enough money to rent out a place to play a show at. Some definites on the cd are: Show Your Good Taste, On My Way to the Sun, and As I Wonder.

We're also thinking about bringing back some old songs from Andrew and Brian's Lawn Boy. The reasoning? Well if we are to play shows soon, we need much more songs. Also the songs may not sound bad with another guitar and vocals on it. The title of the cd is now officially "Medication? Yes". Now this is no reference to pot or anything of the sort, it's just an inside joke. Check the Audio section for more updates.

The recording session will also be a little listen for some of the band member's lady friends and close friends, which will be cool. We're always trying to get the word out that Walsh doesn't suck.

Thank you for reading this, you are a true friend.

Wuv ya, Brian

December 2nd, 2001 - - Prepare yourselfs. Make sure you're seated for this: Walsh has a singer. Ah yes, yes, calm down. His name? Zach Tomlin. We recorded 2 songs with him (without bass) today and they are on the site in the Audio section. Check them out. His bio and stuff should be up soon.

As for any shows in the new future, we probably won't be looking for any until probably January due to the fact Zack has to learn and write lyrics to the song. But the face is, we're ready after that, so ask us and we'll gladly play.

I'm also updating things on the site to give it more depth. Things like the Walsh Quotes section will be up. Also a new thing called 3 Words. This is where every member gives three words that describe the others. Should be up soon.
Peace, Brian

November 24th, 2001 - Ahh good times. We should be trying out some singers soon and hopefully one will fit the Walsh mold. Not anything really new so I guess it is goodbye for now. Peace.