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Quotes by the Members

These are quotes said at one time by any member that has been spoken to another band member
or have been heard with any member around.

"I don't have the keys to the car. Hey I don't need them! I'll just make the car magically start. Actually, I'm not that magical..." =Russ with Brian before breakfast

"So guys, what's your takeon having a sexy drummer?" =Brian after practice

"Andrew, why do you sound like complete shit?" =Russ to Andrew during practice

"Russ, you're out of the band." =Andrew on many occasions

"When God made bitches, he took his time on some. But others, you know he must've been thinking 'Damn, if I hurry I can get an early break.' And he rushed like a motherfucker." =Neil being damn funny

"Russ, you're out of the band." =Brian on many occasions

"So nice. So cheap. And they come in packs of four."=Brian explaining his theory on toilet paper

"Hey, but the last time I trusted Andrew, I wound up with a penis in my butt." =Brian never trusting Andrew again

"Ha ha ha!" =Zach on many occasions

"Russ, you're out of the band." =Neil on many occasions

"You'd know it if you did." =Andrew telling Brian about a song

"Russ, I love you." =Brian on many occasions

"Brian, I love you too." =Russ on many occasions