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3 Words

These are 3 words for every member, by every member

Name Remarks of Other Members
Andrew Brian = sexy, violent, sneaky
Neil = mean to me
Russ = asian, reliable, musical
Zach = insightful, singing, tomlin
Brian Andrew = way too white
Neil = funky, fresh, jewish
Russ = friend, family, lover
Zach = sexy like me
Neil Andrew = doesnt talk much
Brian = sexy, sexy, sexy
Russ = not in band
Zach = sings for us
Russ Andrew = adorable, determined, boyish
Brian = hunk o' meat
Neil = hilarious fucking asshole
Zach = yet to determine
Zach Andrew = layed back, talented, nice
Brian = sexy (of course), Funny, friendly
Neil = tall, in trouble, crazy
(I guess that's 4 words but oh well)
Russ = determined, helpful, hyper